Starting Out Research 701

It all started out last semester when I took Research 701. Trish and I have been discussing whether I get Res701 or INF701. As far as I remember back then I said to trish that I wanted to get Res701 because in my opinion it will be more relevant to get it compare to Res701. So at that point I ended up getting INF701 instead of RES701.

So new year means new school year. First subject is Cloud Computing which is a pilot course. Then moment of truth I entered INF701 I was a bit shocked that there was tons of student attending around 50+ I would say. Then it started, for some reason I was bored on how the course was being delivered. Also at first of my week we already have like 4 assignment on going.

Friday came in and I already decided that I will drop this and just go with the RES701. I have talked to couple of people regarding what is RES701 and I’m getting a good feedback for it. So at that point I decided to talk to the IT department to drop it and have a transfer to RES701. Mailed and talked to clare for approval and looks like I will be doing research for my studying

Technology that took my interest

>New brain implant tech from blockrock is making ‘Mind over matter‘ a reality

>20th century is really the tipping point to earth’s golden age. This is a good science break through, people who have been disabled can now get a second chance to walk and even replaced a lost limb. As far as my imagination is concerned having a brain technology will be a great advantage.

For military this might help a lot. If you just think about it a hands free weapon? Let see a science fiction that made it work oh, Doctor Octopus!

Doctor Octopus was a scientist that is researching about new source of energy which is a mini sun. An accident occurred and he got blinded. He has this technology that is almost similar to what the researchers from University of Pittsburg. Dr Octopus was also blinded from the accident. Using his mechanical arm his able to see. Think of it if the researchers can do this for the future they can cure blindness.

 Watch this:

Jan Scheuermann was diagnosed with spinocerebellar degeneration 13 years ago. The last time she was able to move her hands was 10 years ago. She agreed to be the first one to use the technology and it was a huge success. At first test it was being helped by computer and after a few more test she was able to control the whole thing by just her mind. Isn’t it magnificent?

Also special mention Robert Downey Jr for giving Iron Man Bionic arm to a kid. More imagination?



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