Secondary Research


1. What is it We have two kind of research the Primary and Secondary Research. To understand what ‘Secondary Research’ means we have to understand what Primary research is. ‘Primary Research’ basically means collecting research on your own. You go out and collect your own data. ‘Secondary Research’ It means using the existing information for your own purposes or for publicity. Secondary research is also known as ‘Desk Research’. In most cases to do Secondary Research it means looking at some third-party sources such as old reports, research reports, magazine and any sort of information that has been already written or said. To understand more of what secondary research means watch this and basically it tells you what are your sources.

This kind of research might get you in trouble if you are not careful with it. There are law about this called plagiarism. Means copying someone else work and naming it to you. How do we stop plagiarism? Simple do a proper referencing. Hope this help. What I’am doing right now is called Secondary Research. 😀

2. What kinds of questions might it be useful for?

I would say Open Question but not limited to what, why, etc… An Open question means allowing for more longer responses potentially getting more information. Just for example you are reading a book or researching and using a certain book and you happen to know the writer of the book and you have questions. Using Open Questions to the writer it will give you more information.

3. How could it be used in IT Research?

Just like what the video said on my introduction. IT Research for a business it might cost so much money & time of course company would not like that. People who done the primary research are already well knowledgeable on that certain field so no point in doing a separate research for the same thing unless it has been chance.

4.  What are the strength of the approach?

As I mentioned on number 3 the strength of this approach is that 1. It saves money 2. Saves Time 3. Reliable sources are already available. Strength and weakness of secondary will vary depending on subject.

5. What are the weakness of the approach?

As I mentioned above it will vary depending on the subject. 1. It might not be updated to the latest technology for an IT 2. Some of the information are usually general so its not accurate as it can be. 3. Also the primary research you are looking for might not be for the same purpose that you are doing now. 4. Some of the good primary research are either expensive or hard to get 5. “General” also means the information is already out there in the world so your secondary research might not be on edge on some.



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