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First of all what have we done last week on class? We talked about “Academic Research Paper”.and how credible it is. What is it? How can you define Research Paper and how to differentiate Academic to not, those kind of stuff.

We look at a website and Clare ask us if the information on the website she was showing was credible or not. My answer was “Yes” because for some reason I “think” I saw the image before on one of the History Channel that I watch. It was about an old group that was well organized even before decades people to start to cultivate plants and animals. Isn’t that fascinating?

Clare also asked us to look for two academic research paper. I dint had any difficulty looking for one because in my project I was looking for an alternative. In looking I have come across a topic called “Gamification” which is I wont discuss in further details. And I found an interesting website where almost all research paper for Gamification was all put in a single place, probably not all but heaps.

Searching exercise:

Title and Author(s) of the article 

1.0 – Gamification in Business: Designing Motivating Solutions to Problem Situations

Deborah Gears

Rochester Institute of Technology

Golisano College of Computing and Information Sciences

Rochester, NY 14623 USA

Karen Braun

Xerox Innovation Group, Xerox Corporation Webster,

NY 14580 USA

2.0 – Measuring User Engagement in an Enterprise Gamified System

       – Ayoung Suh

         School of Creative Media and Dep.

         of Information Systems

         City University of Hong Kong

         18 Tat Chee Avenue, Kowloon,

         Hong Kong

APA Referencing

1.2 – Gears, D., & Braun, K. (2013). Gamification in Business: Designing Motivating Solutions to Problem Situations. In CHI’13 Workshop “Designing Gamification.

2.2 – For some reason I cannot find the APA referencing on

– Suh, D., & Ayoung. (2014). Measuring User Engagement in an Enterprise Gamified System. in CHI’14 workshop “Designing Gamification”.

How you find the article and what key word

1 & 2 – As I mentioned about I have the subject in my mind already so it is easy for me to find a research paper for it. “Gamification Research Paper”. I just Googled it and walla I have found a website full of Gamification papers.

All the reason that you think it is an academic article

First I compared all the key information on how to read an Academic Paper (

then I check my paper and it match, I have Title, Author, abstract and so on. Well thats a good sign, but what else? I also checked the authors background and there quite astonishing to know that these people holds a good degree on hands. Also one Author was working on Xerox Company which is a multi-million $$ company.

Thats just my reason for it.

How well it fits the ‘structure of an academic article’  that I described in my previous post

I’m not quite sure because I wasnt able to attend the previous class. If you were talking about the How to read an Academic Paper it fits very well. Thats my main reason it is a Academic Paper.

How many reference it has

1.3 “15” Reference for the first one

2.3 “8” Reference for the second one

How many citation it has 

Well I wasn’t able to find the second paper in scholar google so the first one only have 4 in it.

URL & Reason if I want to read it properly or not

Gamification in Business:

URL “”

Measuring User Engagement in an Enterprise Gamified System

URL “”

My answer is No & Yes.

No because for some reason it has too many words and Yes because I’m actually interested in Gamification right now. But I will say No for now because I have too many things in my hands at the moment.

Draft may still be change before 5:30pm Tuesday. 😀

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