Gamification Blog P8

My topic is regarding user engagement on gamified system. How gamified affects employee within the work place and benefits.

1. Abstract

  • What the topic research is?
    • The purpose or the research is to increase the engagement of
      the employees to gamification in work-related activities.
  • What the authors did?
    • What they did is testing and experimental withing the company.
  • what they discovered.
    • This study shows how the effects of different game dynamics on
      user engagement vary depending on the operationalizing of user

2. What are the questions? What are they trying to answer?

  • Its a big question, basically most company now see that gamification
    is really good for the business. Employee are well engage in the gamified
    system. The things is it doesn’t last for a long time.
  • Now the question is what should be measured and how should it be
    measured in order to determine user engagement.
  • How the effects of game dynamis on user engagement vary over time
  • Do the positive effects of game dynamics on user
    engagement decrease as usage duration increases?

3. What methods did they used to find an answer?

  • They conducted a survey in a large global IT consulting company
    located in Seoul, Korea.
  • with 131 valid responses only 128 responses were used for the final
    analysis, Data found that 69% is male and 31% is female.
  • Partial Least Squares was used for the analysis (PLS)

4. Credibility

  • Well the author of this paper is Ayoung Suh, which I researched
    her background. She has a doctors degree, Finished School at University
    of Hong Kong, which is a well developed country.
  • She wrote a lot of research papers & Books, regarding on gamification,
    human behavior and many more.

  • The publisher is a huge player as well. ACM

5. Conclusion

  • Yes, as far as I understand this research paper is trying to
    identify the Short Term -Long term engagement & individual level vs
    aggregated-level Engagement of the employee to Gamification system.
    I think the purpose of this is to identify how to measure the user
    engagement on gamification for the researcher to adapt, because
    if researchers failed or ignore the different facets of user experience
    this may result to a bias gamified systems.

6. Two things I learned

  • Short & Long term effects of Gamification
    • This include people or users repeatedly interact with
      the gamified system, there sense of novelty and curiosity decrease.
      I kinda understand this because I’m a gamer my self, some things
      become boring and not interesting anymore over time. This is a huge barrier.
  • Two things that affects gamification, Behavioral and Emotional.
    • Behavioral means physical involved, emotional meaning state of mind.
      Just considering these two in making gamified system is already hard.

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