A Possible future


Today we see the evolution of technology in the ceiling high. I just found something very interesting and I would love to have one of this in 10 years time (if I’m still alive). The hype right now are Oculus Rift, Google Glass, Magic Leap & many more. For me this is just the stepping stone to a more bigger picture which Microsoft was planning.

Welcome to the world of hologram, Microsoft Hololens. It is similar to Oculus Rift but not being used on a game but on daily basis of life. Well technically its same as Iron Man hologram on the movie, sounds fascinating right?

Theres nothing much to say about this right now yet but to believe it will come soon.

I also found another interesting stuff but this one is available on the market for testing. Its called Ampy. Its a battery like device that can charge anything from phone to other devices. The good thing about this is that the battery is being charged using your movement thru cycling, running, walking and so on.

I like this idea because more and more gadget we get are now handheld or wearable and the main problem is battery life. With this technology it will help those wearable device last longer and if its evolved more no one will need to plug the device on wall. And if someone would be kind to donate me one. I will love you forever. 😀

If you want to read here are some links.




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