Area of Interest – How I become an IT and Infrastructure

To start this when I was a kid I used to play computer games especially games like skill based e.c Counter Strike. Counter Strike before was actually just a mod in Half Life which I also enjoyed finished the whole game. So Counter Strike was really popular back then up until now. Valve noticed it and made a whole new standalone game for it.

Were drifting away, when I was a kid I loved computer. When something broke all eyes on me, I either touched something inside again. I probably broke the computer a lot instead of fixing it. This is where I get my background in touching inside of a CPU so when I started CSA it was easy as cake.

I loved computer especially computer game so I decided to become an IT and make my own game. My true purpose of going into IT industry. I did not realized that gaming is going to be hard code. I went coding back in the Philippines and I actually enjoyed it. As course goes on it keeps getting hard that’s when I gave up.

Moving here in New Zealand – nelson, I still took IT and first year of IT here helps me what I want and what I’m doing right now. Three subject took my interest CSA501, NET501 & WEB501. So balancing those 2 to 1 I decided to go Infrastructure.

NET601 we started building networks here where it gets interesting. We build network from scratch to a working one. We’ve done the IP side, configuring routers, setting up computer, assigning people and so on. For a short time we manage to build a small network. IT was really fun, thats when I realized I liked networking.

Have anyone noticed on the paragraph before I keep saying “I” and this last before this I keep saying “We”. This is one reason I love IT, we dont work alone and we work as a team. When I was coding I feel like I was working alone and in networking I dont. Moving on.


1. True, but I just realized networking will always keep me awake now I wanted just to sleep.

2. Well I certainly do, I lived my childhood with and without computer. So I know the feel of playing different sports not just computer games.

3. False, I want to live tension free.

4. I dont get this number.

5. Haha I like this number 5. Its an Hindi saying, in english “Do the work, without thinking its consequences.” This is true for me sometimes.

6. Hell no, I love my self. Eat, sleep, cycling, LoL thats my cycle of life right now.

7. I work in a customer service right now and yes I like people when they smile and I hate rude people.

8. Nope, even though I’m in hospitality section right now I’m not good at getting mixed into huge crowd.

9. Nope, haha not true. Do you?

10. Certainly who doesnt like “Time & half”.

11. True, also cant live without internet I feel like I cant do anything without it.

12. Hahaha, I will say yes to this.

Whats yours? Post it in the comment. I would like to hear it. Whats your 12 reason why you choose IT or do you agree with that list.


One thought on “Area of Interest – How I become an IT and Infrastructure

  1. As you mentioned, you want to develop your own game but you gave up the coding and moved to networking.
    Same thing happened to me but in opposite way. I moved from networking to designing.
    Back in my country (Nepal), I used to work in an ISP (internet service provider) COMPANY and have interest in networking but now am interested in web designing.
    I love your ” I ” and ” WE ” comparison and also your 12 reasons for choosing IT was quite funny.
    My answer for choosing IT is pretty much similar to yours except for number 1 and 7.
    : ) 🙂

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