The last post


This will be my last post for now on this page. On this post I will have to do some separation and it will be on parts.

Part 1. Expression

When semester 1 started I chose project management because I though it will be better than research. My main reason in moving is basically I dint like the class and its too crowded. So I moved to Res300, I asked some of my friend who did the research last semester. He told me it was interesting and fun on that class so I was intrigued. So when class started I had fun listening to clare and the subject were discussing.

Past 2. Problems

This part are my on going problem at the moment. This include my Net701, SDV701, DAT701 & Prj for next semester. So what are my problems? First and most problem I’m really worried right now is what will happen with my course next semester? I have 3 big course Net, Sdv & Dat as I mentioned before on my post that I’m not really a big fun of database. This is gonna be a huge burden for me. Some Net701 student I talked before was saying that at least 80% of their time last semester was being used on Net701 “Net701 it self is a project”.

Another problem I’m thinking is I’m moving to christchurch for our placement and I wont have any work there at all. “Money” is my next problem, the thing is I’m not living here in nelson with my parents so I’m paying my rent & food. While I’m away here on nelson I still be paying here to keep my things and a place to still stay on nelson after we finished the placement. When we get to christchurch how can I pay for my rent, food & other stuff. I also having a problem regarding where we actually gonna stay in christchurch? Do we have a place to stay? We need to find place to stay and it has to be at least nearby and as I’ve heard living cost is quite expensive.

Next is “car” I havent gotten my licensed for me to drive and a “car”. When going to christchurch i dont expect for me to live next door to CCL. So I need some kind of transportation for me to get to work.

Part 3. Solution

I still dont have the solution to my course problem but I know what I have to do. I have to talk to my tutor for next semester about what were going to do. I also asked my dad what to do and he basically told me that 3rd year student will be given some kind of priority and I still can do my course through online. Im still doubting about this decision tho.

Regarding “Money” I’m not sure yet but I think I might just asked my mom for my living expenses but I’m sure it will be expensive. As I’ve heard placement doesnt get paid but I hope we do get paid. We will be talking to Rik, the CCL guy about where to live and what will going to be doing at CCL.

About the car, I have made a decision to sell my gun (airsoft) and this is a hard decision. I really loved my gun and its a guy passion its just like a car to somebody. But I needed a car for this coming placement and I have been searching for months or so and I luckly find one that is cheap and still usable.

The moment I bought my car I have made a decision to move to my sort of uncle. A friend of me and a close to my family but he lived a bit far thats why I wasnt living there at first. That solved my problem on rent and that will reduced my expenses quite huge.

Part 4. Reflection on course

To be honest I have no regret taking this course over project because I have found this subject to be very useful and fun. For example when we went to wellington there was one guy that gave us a good tip about blog. Every time that you have a problem and able to fix it just post it on the blog and that way you have a way to access to an archive of fix. Another thing is we learned a proper way of doing a proposal. I may still bad at doing this but I think it helped me to get a proper way in doing it. I just need to do more practice for it and I will be sweet.

This was a really fun course and helpful. If I would like to suggest instead of doing one proposal I wish we can do all other like work & project proposal this way we can practice all instead of just focusing one.


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