Its Neither Right or Wrong

In this blog we will be looking at the following questions and answer them appropriately or so I hope. In this part there will be no right or wrong answer. Why? You opinion is your own opinion, end of discussion. 😀

I do not know how to fill out form


  1. Which of these two laptops gives the best performance?
  2. Are virtual worlds like Second Life useful for teaching?
  3. Why don’t many school students (16-18yrs old) choose to study IT at Polytechnic or University?
  4. Which ISP in NZ gives the best value for money?
  5. How do I feel about trying to work with slow internet speeds?
  6. What are the main security issues associated with ‘cloud computing


1. What laptop? I’ll say either one of the two.

-> The whole question is practically incomplete. If were comparing laptop there are various specs and what use it for. For example laptop for just “surfing” why would you choose a $5,000 gaming laptop over a $600 normal. Performance wise? gaming laptop is good but for just surfing I’ll say $600 normal one has the edge/best performance.

2. I will have to say “Yes” and “No” here.

-> In this question we have to consider what kind teaching are we doing? “Yes” – As a developer this is a good place to start. Not just developer I would say graphic artist will learn a lot from Virtual Worlds. “No” – It will all varies to the student let just say me(karl) I cannot learn or its hard for me to learn through game. I get distracted a lot by something. I’am more of a hands on person than just listening to someone in the virtual world.

-> This is a very hard question because using virtual right now gives an edge for people from another part of the world to hook up in the lesson. This is just same as what were doing right now in Net702 (Cloud Services). If teaching is only being done in class room you will be limiting yourself. If its in virtual world we can have more people in it meaning more knowledge can put in to something.

3. They probably don’t like IT. I still heard one person calling an IT Geek(made me laugh tho). Thats probably one reason or there not just fan of computers or they have different things in life.

-> This question is will be also depends on the person and person situation. There are lot of variation regarding this for example is Money, Time, Interest, Hobby or even Parents. “Money” – I keep hearing people just saying like just make money at that age and do the study later. What for? Simple to have fun then they got blinded and ended up being in the bottom of the society at the end(probably regretting). “Time” – To think about it being 16-18 at that age you probably dont even know what you want for the future. So why would you study to begin with it will just be a waste of time. “Hobby” – If I like cooking there wont be a chance that  I will become an IT(Hoping that I will). “Parents” – Believe it or not I know a friend of mine wanted to get a certain course but her dad was against it so she ended up taking a different one. harsh eah?

4. Now we found a good question although this will be long. “Depends”

-> In regards of business “Money” is almost everything. When choosing an ISP you will have to consider a lot of stuff. Location/Latency, Bandwidth, Speed, Cost, Services and Availability. “Location/Latency” – Having near to the ISP meaning low latency, meaning low lag for the business or person. Also for example you live in a mountain and there is no pipe line there your only option is Wireless. The question is who can offer good wireless. “Bandwidth/Cost” – As I said Cost is very important bandwidth is very related to cost. “Services” – by my mean of this is there support to the customer. “Availability or Service Level of Agreement(SLA)” – There’s a lot to say about this but I wont go long to simplify it how many hours is there down time for every year. Some business cannot afford any downtime.

5. Very much annoyed.

-> If I was living in 1990 slow internet is not new but I live in 2015 which internet are now GIGABYTE. I will probably just stand up and do something else rather than work with slow internet. This is my point of view, some people doesnt really mind having slow internet. I know a person who still have a “Dial-up” connection.

6. In terms of the Hosting side “None”, In terms of end user “Heaps” (Depends on customer)

-> The host it self is very very secure for example AWS. This guys are very much secured physical and logical way. End users are the problem. AWS will give you space and there’s no way you can check other company that is within that cloud. Problem is if you open up your system to the world it is now vulnerable it is just up to you to fix it. Problem like insufficient knowledge regarding security, loop holes and more.

  • any issue or problem that you see with the actual question
    • Some of the question are incomplete and very much hard to get a “Yes” or “No” answer.
  • what kind of evidence/knowledge would you need to answer the question
    • If I summarized the question it is all about IT and Cloud services. So an IT background is required in these questions. 1. laptop 2. Virtual 3. IT 4. ISP/Money 5. Internet Speed 6. Cloud Services
  • what kind of research approach/method could you take to find that knowledge
    • Every question requires thinking. 1. Basic knowledge in computer 2. Looking back to my MUVES and my history on that class gave me an answer. 3. Talk to somebody why they stop school or dint took IT. 4. Having to research some of the ISP provider of New Zealand and comparing them. 5. Doing a survey is the best way to do it but I only did it because assuming people now a days have GIGABYTE internet. 6. Google and back knowledge help me out approach the question.

Note( I have miss read the question and how to answer the whole question and It’s already way too long to renew it. 😀 )


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